Help a little puppy buy toys? (:
I'm 19, living on the east coast, my Daddy's loving (but sometimes disobedient) little puppy, and I camwhore for a living (:

I’m hardly ever on this blog unless I’m about to do a show, so follow me on my other blog!


Anonymous: What are the marks on your legs from?

They’re scars from being burned in a car accident last summer!



On your knees by my side, such a good place to have you. Your soul longing for the possession that this holds, safe in the knowledge that you always have a place with me, the comfort in knowing that ownership makes you complete, protected and cared for.Master is proud to call you his. 

 Perfect words, perfect photo. It makes my heart ache. This is what I desperately long for.

Oh, I want.


Always for You, Dominus..
Anonymous: favorite sex position?

Oooh, this depends. But I naturally love doggy style, and sex in the spooning position!

Anonymous: when are you gonna post that spanking video? or other sexual videos?

I don’t know I don’t know! Maybe Daddy and I can make one tonight!

Anonymous: oh mY GOD. I THOUGHT YOU LEFT TUMBLR FOR GOOD. turns out you just made a sex blog ;P I LOVE YOU EM

No way I could never leave tumblr for good!! I have another blog, too!